Jewels Stainless Jeep Body Sales

M38 (1950-51) The famous US Army Military Jeep vehicle, featuring a                      
water-proof ignition system, replaced Willys MB (1941-45) and was built                    
specifically for use during the Korean War. After the war large number of                     
surplus military Jeep was shipped to the Philippines and sold to the public  
in the entire region. Since then the traditional Jeep has lived on in the                            
Philippines as a popular personal vehicle. In the early 1970's a locally                           
produced imitation known as the "Owner-Type Jeep" was being built in
various places of Metro Manila, Philippines. It resembles a US Army M38
Military Jeep body type with refurbished Toyota engines.

Jewels Stainless Jeep Body Builder was established in the early 1970 by then the late            
Mr.Tomas Araga in his little town of Navotas, Rizal (now Navotas City). Due to the             
geographical location of Navotas and Malabon (neighbor town of Navotas) that is                  
surrounded by salty sea water most of the town folks is to become fisherman as their            
means of livelihood.    
Willys MB and M38 a surplus US Army military Jeep is what they used to transport             
their catch fish and other seafood products to the neighboring cities of Metro Manila;             
hence becomes the fish port capital of Metro Manila.

Bothered by the recurring "Rust" problem caused by the salty sea water that destroyed         
most parts of the Jeep body and other vital parts of the vehicle, Mang Tomas has built          
the first rust proof all pure Stainless Steel Jeep Body including Chasis frame, Hangers,           
Stabilizers, Shock absorbers, Tie-rod ends and bars and other accessories. The beauty           
and craftsmanship of the Jeep body made by Jewels Stainless Jeep Body Builder have           
became famous and was never duplicated elsewhere or in any Jeep body builder shops          
in the Philippines.

Still now, a lot of Stainless Steel Jeep Body lovers are going to Malabon City to look            
for Jewels Stainless Jeep Body builder (thats where they put their shops) to buy Stainless       
Jeep Body and other accessories exclusively made by "Jewels" imprinted on their very           
own products.  

Today, Jewels Stainless Jeep Body & Accessories has came to your door to have a great
chance of owning one of the best investment of the lifetime, a pure Stainless Steel Jeep        
Body that carries the legendary name "Jewels".
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